Sometimes the best ideas end up in the drawer

Who is Drawganize?

Drawganize ApS was founded in the year 2021 by Peter Salinas and Phillip Salinas in the hope of being able to change and organize drawers at home, at work, in the workshop, in the office... Never before have you been able to get a drawer divider with unimaginable possibilities and design like ours. With our drawer dividers, you can tailor your drawers to your very own vision and practical purpose, regardless of the size of your drawer. With Drawganize you have a wide range of colors and heights so that your drawer fits exactly the design you are after. It's as easy as "MEASURE • CUT • CLICK • REPEAT". At Drawganize, we pack our shipments in airtight packages. This ensures that the package takes up less space in transport and does not burden the environment unnecessarily. When you order a package from Drawganize, you can have a clear conscience as a large part of our acrylic dividers are made reusable. All our leftover divisions are sent back to the factory, where they are granulated and remelted, so that we reduce waste as little as possible. What started as a simple ping-pong about whether there is a smart system for dividing drawers developed surprisingly quickly into an invention: the completely personal drawer divider for drawers of all kinds. Drawganize, as the product is named, is a 100% universal drawer unit, where you decide for yourself how many compartments you want, how big they should be and how they should be placed in the drawer. Today we can be proud of having turned thoughts into action. We have succeeded in developing a unique product on which we have design protection and distribute through hardware stores, kitchen shops, hardware stores, hobby shops and many other places. Main components are manufactured here in Denmark, and the finished kit is packed in our own premises. It means a lot to us that it is a Danish product. At the same time, this means that we have complete control over everything from the manufacturing itself to the finished product and the onward journey to the stores and customers.
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