Drawganize drawer divider kits are easy and simple to get started with. The kit contains everything you need so that your drawer can be Drawganized quickly.

In practice, you measure your drawer up, scratch and break the dividers you need, in the lengths that fit your drawer. Finally, click it with our divider holders.

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How are divider holders fixed?

The divider holders for the side and bottom have a strong self-adhesive which you remove when it is to be mounted either on the side or the bottom of the drawer.

What height of divider should I have?

The height must match the contents of the drawer you are dividing. When choosing the height of the divider, remember that it is not the height of your drawer, but the divider itself. It is not always an advantage to have a tall divider, as it must fit the contents of the drawer and the edge of the drawer.

Do I get accessories in the package?

When you order a Drawer insert kit, you also receive an tool package. This package contains all the tools you need to divide your drawer. The tool package consists of: 1 x Cutting template, 1x Hobby knife, 1x Measuring tape and 5 x Extra adhesives 1 x Manual

NOTE: No accessories are included in the "Extra divider incl. holders"

How are the dividers cut?

Acrylic: Use the hobby knife (from the tool pack), scratch at your marking 3-4 times and break the divider over. If you have a high divider, it can help to scratch several times, place the marking over an edge (e.g. on a table) and press down quickly and hard.

Wood: Using the hobby knife (from the accessory pack), score at your mark 10 times. Now turn the divider over to the other side and scratch another 10 times or until you have cut through.

Does it require any tools to assemble your drawer insert kit?

You receive a drawer insert kit with an tool package, which contains everything you need.

NOTE: No accessories are included in the "Extra partition incl. holders"

I have many drawers. Can you come out and divide them for me?

Yes. We offer "Assembly Service" in Denmark. Read more here.

How long does delivery take?

We offer fast delivery with PostNord on all our goods. Delivery time is approx. 1-3 working days.

NOTE: When purchasing a wooden drawer insert kit, you must expect an extra day for delivery, as we make it especially for you.

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